Case Studies

Lockleys North Primary School

lockleysLeading Digital has had an association with Tyson Grinham principal of Lockleys North Primary School for over 10 years (also Brompton and Port Wakefield Primary Schools)

Tyson stated:  “I first met Neil as an Learning with Technologies Coach working with the SA Education Department.  He provided a number of training courses for us at Port Wakefield.  We pioneered with great success some new Epson Interactive products from Leading Digital whist at Brompton and now at Lockleys North.  We have relied on great bulk deals with notebooks over the years and with our latest project on Chromebooks.

Neil is dedicated, honest and reliable and I have not only trusted his collaborative and supportive approach but often relied on his judgement for the past 10 years.  There is no high pressure sales, pricing is always fair and Neil’s experience as an educational leader himself enhances his ability to discern appropriate solutions for teaching and learning”

Tyson Grinham (Principal)

Woodend Children’s Centre

woodend“Neil Tregenza has worked with all staff at Woodend Children’s Centre this year on ‘upping’ our IT skills. He used his IT knowledge to help us purchase and use educator  friendly programs  and equipment. This resulted in  educators  being more confident and enthusiastic about their use of IT in our learning environment.

This is a major achievement and all  staff are  grateful and looking forward to continuing our work with Neil for the remainder of  this year and into the future .

Neil’s expertise  has also been invaluable in  helping  the director navigate the updating of the centre web page and he   has done an exemplary job with a time consuming and often frustrating task”

Emmy Kiriakou (Director)

Enfield Folland Park Kindergarten  logo-enfield-1

“Neil Tregenza from Leading Digital supported the staff team at Enfield Folland Park Kindergarten as part of our QIP 2017, to improve the use of IT to support our teaching and learning planning cycle. Working with Neil was a breeze as his expertise centered not only on IT but the everyday workings of a preschool and an understanding of the Director’s role in creating pedagogical shift.

First up Neil sat with the team to find out what we needed to know and how we planned on using the IT. He then devised a tailor made plan that reflected our site’s and our individual professional goals.

During our follow up training and development days all staff were keen to participate which reflected Neil’s easy to understand manner. Neil guided us to use our new IT equipment (all purchased under the guidance of Neil) with confidence and an inquiry headset, leading the educators to feel enthusiastic and confident in bringing in these technologies into their everyday practice.”

Catherine Day (Director)

Mark Oliphant College  MOC logo

“Leading Digital has supported Mark Oliphant College since its inception as one of South Australia’s first “Super Schools” in 2009.  Neil has worked closely with our leadership team in making vital decisions about AV (Audio Visual), Interactive products and educational software.  He has also supplied and provided training on the use of the Epson interactive projectors and EasiTeach Next Generation Software.

With over 1000 students we have often called upon Leading Digital to supply bulk orders of consumable products.  Neil’s importing experience and connections in China have proved invaluable on many occasions for items such as inexpensive iPad covers, notebook bags and headsets.

Neil keeps in contact with our technical team and supports their efforts to plan ahead with the ever-changing ICT aswell as save unnecessary expense on items such as replacement projector lamps.”

Judy Giles (Business Manager)